maxresdefaultSuicide Squad premiered in New York City last night, and according to the first reviews, it seems film critics are underwhelmed by the latest DC Comic flick.

“Mundane, milquetoast, and often mind-bogglingly stupid,” was how David Ehrlich at IndieWire put it, while The Hollywood Reporter said it was “a puzzlingly confused undertaking that never becomes as cool as it thinks it is.”

Vanity Fair might’ve given David Ayer’s latest undertaking its harshest review, arguing “Suicide Squad is bad. Not fun bad. Not redeemable bad. Not the kind of bad that is the unfortunate result of artists honorably striving for something ambitious and falling short. Suicide Squad is just bad.”

But it seems Suicide Squad has at least one saving grace: Margot Robbie. Our very own Hollywood star impressed critics pretty much across the board, with the Chicago Tribune describing her performance as “radioactively watchable, swinging her baseball bat this way and that, selling this skeezy male-fantasy nutjob with wide-eyed enthusiasm.”

Time agreed, saying that Harley Quinn’s entrance is the best moment in Suicide Squad.

“After that, you can leave. Robbie is a criminally appealing actress, likeable in just about every way, but that intro aside, Suicide Squad doesn’t serve her well.”

Cinemablend added that Robbie [breathes] special life into the manic/weird/cute psychopath.”

So go see Suicide Squad with lowered expectations, focus on Margot’s every move, and all might not be lost for one of the most anticipated films of the year.