Margot Robbie is a bombshell no doubt, but her monochromatic orange makeup look at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood press day is something else entirely.

Robbie’s go-to makeup artist Pati Dubroff posted a picture of the actress this morning painted in shades of citrus – from her eyes to her lips, it was all peachy perfection. Even her nails were a matching shade of poppy mandarin. Her skin, as always, was flawless and creamy, awash with apricot-coloured blush. It was a makeup summer dream, complete with airy blonde curls thanks to stylist Bryce Scarlett, an all-white outfit, and a pair of gold Pandora Shine Exotic Hoop earrings.

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Orange in all its forms may feel polarising to some in terms of beauty, but soft iterations (like peach, apricot, and melon) are in fact supremely flattering. Warm and lively, it’s like a day by the ocean, in makeup form. Otherwise, go bold with notes of tangerine or highlighter neon splashed across eyes and lips. Either way, it’s a welcome break from winter reds and berries.

Paint the town (or your face) shades of orange with the below.

Bright and unashamedly bold, use this powdered blush on cheeks and eyes, and go forth with confidence.

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A little peach will make your pout so much sweeter. Wear alone, or layer over lipstick for a more opaque finish.

Nars Lip Gloss in Wonder, $37. SHOP NOWPerhaps sweeter shades are more your style? A light dust of peachy pink will make all eye colours pop.

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Pair your zingy makeup with an equally poppy handbag. Our weapon of choice? The Loewe Puzzle bag.

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