Following the launch of Moncler Genius early this year, the collaborative concept stemmed from the belief of “One House. Different Voices” has eyed its next venture. Tapping Australian filmmaker Margaret Zhang, the Italian lifestyle brand is celebrating the launch of the 2 Moncler 1952 collection, spawned from in-house designers Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni. Visualised in an almost-surrealist short film, hero outwear pulled from the line has been presented through the lens of Australia’s most celebrated creatives.

Directed by Zhang, the film takes place at a remote artist commune in Australia, a house shared by musicians, painters, sculptors and poets. A mysterious newcomer explores its rooms, snatching moments of conversation, arguments and artistic creation in progress. As it captures the essence of the country’s music and art subcultures, each of its stars are draped with billowing knitwear and oversized outerwear, synonymous with the heritage fashion house.

For the menswear collection, Zambon worked within the heritage of Moncler which is rooted in youth culture. Reviving this pop spirit and relaxed attitude, its usual technical fabrications and utilitarian additions are infused with muted colours. Reminiscent of a ’70s palette, pieces are worn with a tonal gradient while laminated touches creates a fresh balance. To finish off the pieces, a sense of punk grittiness comes from slogans such as ‘FREAK’ and bold co-branding. The womenswear collection led by Leoni has interpreted the code of Moncler through its layering of materials and shapes, surprising and pragmatic. Blending textures for a tactile finish, bouclé wools, fishnets, bleached tartans, macro ginkgo prints, padded tailoring, knits are made to be layered and worn by the discretion of its wearer. And with a nod to the famed outdoor wear, technical features are incorporated into the silhouettes and includes double layers and detachable linings.

2 MONCLER 1952 is now available in Moncler boutiques and as well as selected retailers. The collection is the latest installation of the ‘Moncler Genius World Tour 19 – 20’.

Margaret Zhang


Jordan Barrett – Model (IG here)
Kitty Callaghan – Multimedia artist (IG here)
Beaker Best – Drummer (IG here)
Lydia Kivela – Dancer, choreographer (IG here)
Ange Yu – Model (IG here)
Jason Vuong – Model, Music producer (IG here)
Zyon Sidoti – Model (IG here)