If beauty were a garden, Marc Jacobs Fragrance would surely bloom all year long. The entire range pays tribute to a bouquet of various florals, but none are quite as special as the Daisy – the flower that inspired a collection of its own. It’s grown significantly over the years, but in season right now is the Daisy Daze quartet, four limited edition iterations of the classic Daisy fragrance. Keep reading to discover Daisy Daze, Daisy Love Daze, Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze and Daisy Dream Daze below.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Daze 50ml, $89. SHOP NOW

Meet Daisy Daze, the perfume equivalent of an ocean swim in Southern Italy. Spiked with sweet mandarin and mirabelle plum, it’s crisp without being pervasive. Base notes of soft musk reveal themselves with wear, drying down to a warm, slightly woody finish.

Wear it on vacation, to seaside drinks and on long, balmy days. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Daze 50ml, $109. SHOP NOW

A loved-up scent, Daisy Love Daze is sweet, bright and juicy. A blend of osmanthus, amber and apricot, it’s the perfect scent to inspire a little romance.

Wear it on first dates, and out dancing with friends. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze 75ml, $99. SHOP NOW

For those who like a light, airy fragrance, it has to be Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze. It has a soft peachy top note wrapped up with white flowers, orchard blossom specifically. Simple, beautiful and easy to wear.

Wear it to Sunday brunch and dinner with friends. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Daze 50ml, $89. SHOP NOW

Feminine and whimsical, Daisy Dream Daze is best spritzed over a long, Champagne-filled lunch. Soft, delicate and warm, it opens with longan berry and wisteria before musky notes finish it off.

Wear it to long lunches, dinner dates and cocktail parties.