Unexpected colour is big, just ask celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo. “Rules with colour don’t exist. I get so frustrated when editors ask me to do a story on this colour eye shadow with green eyes, for example. You can wear any colour with any colour.” Flouting banal beauty orders, his is a mantra we’re keen to follow. Remember that wise old saying, blue and green can never be seen? Now forget it. And get playing.

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Polish in Verde Pastello, $41, Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 938, $47, and Rouge Allure Ink Lip Colour in 158, $55. M.A.C Eye Kohl in Minted, $32. MORPHE 24G Grand Glam Eyeshadow Palette, $45. GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation, $99, and Fluid Sheer Foundation, $90

Are you peachy keen or minty fresh? Try both, suggests makeup artist Max May. Chanel’s latest Neapolis collection concurs, offering up pops of juicy peach across lips and a strong hint of mint on your mani. The range, which draws its inspiration from the visual cues of a hot Italian summer, dictates the sorbet-like pairing (or in this case, gelato) is the beau ideal. With this in mind, your manicure should mimic a side-street gelato van: pistachio, lime and apple – sunny colours to keep you smiling (even through winter).

Or, sub your boring black liner with a minty variety. Take a teal kohl and run it along the waterline; you can play inside the line or just under – even smudging it out a bit, like May. “I always start by taking the pencil to the inner rim, then I blend it through the bottom lash line and inner corner,” he says. “Blend with a cotton tip or angled brush.” On lips, flavour your pout with peach. To keep it modern, make it matt. Dial up the drama with a neoprene-like finish, a chalky orange that dries relatively at. Or, tone down the pigment and up the shine; tame your tangerine with a de-saturated finish, making sure it’s slightly tacky and glossy. And to tie it all in? Sweep a dusting of peach across the socket and up towards the brow bone for tonal magic.


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