She might have been the face for a host of high-profile fashion campaigns recently, but several years ago you’d have found Southern belle Maggie Rawlins pounding hospital corridors rather than posing for top photographers.

In fact, Rawlins is a classic case of not judging a book purely by its cover. Her training as a qualified nurse specialising in Oncology and Haematology ignited a passion for charity work and promoting healthcare in developing nations. Since becoming a public figure, the newlywed has been actively involved with One World Health, a charity which works to provide health care for communities in Central America and East Africa.

The 25-year-old has admitted in the past she was unconvinced about modelling given the years of study she’d already completed, but it seems she’s managed to maintain a bit of both worlds.

Despite having posed for Sports Illustrated and countless other magazines, starring as the face of SurfStitch’s Swim 2018 is Rawlins’ latest claim to fame.

Maggie Rawlins in SurfStitch’s Destination Swim 2018 campaign
Credit: Supplied

Named Destination Swim, the campaign is the epitome of a Miami summer with sunny Florida weather and golden shores, featuring a fun clutch of statement-making swimwear like Baywatch-inspired one-pieces and sports luxe bikinis.

Read on to learn more about Rawlins fascinating story. (Fun Fact: Even models aren’t exempt from extreme weather, with Rawlins evacuating Florida due to a hurricane around the time of the SurfStitch shoot.)

Maggie Rawlins in Surf Stitch ‘Destination Swim’
Credit: Supplied

Your dad is a photographer and your mum a portrait artist. Did a childhood around these professions arm you with any skills or advantages when you started modelling? Growing up in such a creative environment made me really appreciate art from a young age. I think it has definitely made me more comfortable and at ease in front of a camera.

The SurfStitch campaign is called destination swim. What would be your DREAM beach holiday destination? My favourite beach holiday destination is Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina where I spent most of my childhood vacations. The beach is stunning and I love the effortless, laidback vibes it gives.

What’s your go-to type of swimwear? I love a comfortable yet flattering bikini. I usually lean towards solid colours, high-cut bottoms and an underwire top for support, especially if I am going to be swimming in the ocean and not just lying out soaking up the sunshine.

How did your collaboration with SurfStitch come about? My booker Suzy is to thank for this one. I call her Suzan Jenner, like the Kardashian momager Kris Jenner.

You were studying to become a nurse and specialised in cancer biology before your current modelling journey. What was it about modelling that convinced you to change your direction? I actually finished nursing school, passed boards and was working on the floor in my first job as a registered nurse when I made the career change. The opportunity kept arising and I decided I needed to really explore that option or I might regret it in the long run.

How has growing up in AMERICA’s south affected your personal style and view of the world? Growing up in the South made me appreciate the little things in life and keeps me grounded by remembering what truly is important and what is not. As far as my personal style goes comfort is key – I love cool, casual, relaxed staples.

What in your opinion are the three things an Australian girl should do if she’s visiting Miami for the first time? There are so many amazing things to do in Miami. When it comes to eating, I recommend Malibu Farm for brunch, The Standard for sunset drinks, and Pubbelly Sushi for dinner.

Do you have a message for YOUNGER women around feeling comfortable WHEN wearing a bikini? Remember, your worth is never, ever found in your appearance or a number on the scale. The female body is strong, resilient and beautiful no matter your shape or size. Don’t let society influence you in your definition of beauty.