lindsayvladimirputingraziaImage: Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan responded to an invitation for an interview with state-run Russian TV station Channel 1 with a stunning list of demands that includes a meeting with the country’s president Vladimir Putin, no less.

TMZ obtained the document listing Lindsay’s requests, and it reveals the actress, who has a tumultuous relationship with the son of a wealthy Russian businessman, Egor Tarabasov, has learned a lot about negotiating from her years in Hollywood.

The requests include:

– A private jet to transport her to and from Russia

– Security detail

– A one-year Russian visa with extension

– £500,000 (AUD $861,000)

– Hair, makeup and a manicurist on-board the jet

– A Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

… and that meeting with President Vladimir Putin, as well as photos with the controversial leader. Because pictures or it didn’t happen.


Image: Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan

According to TMZ, at least some of the demands have been met.

Lindsay and Egor got engaged in April of this year, but they recently appeared to split after police were called to their London home following a disturbance.

However, this week the Mean Girls star posted a photo of herself to Instagram wearing her engagement ring, so it seems the couple are back on, at least for now.


Image: Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan