I’m honestly not sure what the strangest thing is about Lindsay Lohan. There was the time she told Greek reporters that she was expanding her nightclub business to include refugee camps. Then there was the time she drunkenly addressed media speaking with an entirely different accent only to be described as part-Melania Trump, part-Russian and part every other country in the world.

Then there was the dancing at Lohan Beach Resort in Mykonos. Oh, the dancing. The drunken dancing that spawned a million memes and the very real reason that video recording was invented. The hair flick, the leg lift, the twirl – all of it – gave the internet so much joy, causing us all to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask: How could we, too, bottle some of that euphoria?

Overnight – and with the same persistence as Gretchen trying to make “fetch” happen – Lohan uploaded (and then deleted) another video of herself dancing at a Shell petrol station in New Jersey. In an updated version of Drake’s “In Your Feelings” challenge, the Masked Singer Australia judge jumps out of a car and begins dancing while the driver films her. “Fillin’ the tank with my flamingo moves” captioned Lohan, wearing a magenta suit. It was Wednesday.

The 33-year-old Mean Girls star became embroiled in more drama this week when she accused Australian singer Cody Simpson of taking her furniture live on the Masked Singer. “If it is you, we have a lot to talk about and this is not the arena for it,” Lohan told Simpson who dated her little sister Ali in 2018. “I want my furniture back! Because I bought your furniture for your house in Venice.”

After the show, Lohan went a step further and slammed 22-year-old Simpson again, this time on Twitter. “When you realise you failed. And you settle for less,” she captioned an old photo of Simpson walking with Ali. “Family is everything. You won the masked singer but you lost on your future.” The latter part was a dig at Simpson’s current girlfriend Miley Cyrus and true to form, Lohan deleted the tweet soon-after.

Meet back here for the next dance party?