Move over Lucy Boynton. There’s a new negative eye queen in town.

To celebrate her 20th birthday over the weekend, Lily-Rose Depp – the genetically blessed offspring of actor Johnny Deep and French multi-hyphenate Vanessa Paradis – entertained a cat-eye so spectacular Cleopatra was no doubt rolling over in her tomb. Depp’s doe eyes were lined in thick black kohl, with makeup artist Sam Visser tracing a kind of crescent shape just above the upper mobile lid with theatrical glee. Playing on the negative space trend that is sweeping the beauty world, Visser left the remainder of the lid bare, the bold contrast of lid and liner proving all the more sublime.

Adding further purr to the look was Depp’s choice of top: a tight-fitted tee in tiger print – the perfect fashionable accompaniment to a killer cat-eye.

And to finish it all off, tousled “birthday girl hair” by Bryce Scarlett (the man responsible for Margot Robbie’s mane) and that iconic over-lined pout, which has become quite the beauty signature for Depp. Highlighting what her mama gave her, Depp continually plays up that Paradis pout with a soft plum over-line.

A conceptual cat-eye, rosebud pout and gently raked curls; what’s not to love?