LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 15: Lily James attends the BFI London Film Festival Awards during the 60th BFI London Film Festival at Banqueting House on October 15, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage)

Yesterday, I looked on Twitter and saw that British actress Lily James was trending. Clicking on her name, I saw an influx of blurry paparazzi images of the 31-year-old in Rome with 50-year-old actor Dominic West and a lot of opinions of those photos.

In the images, which were taken for The Daily Mail, James and West, who are co-stars in the adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s celebrated novel The Pursuit Of Love, are sightseeing on an electric scooter, having lunch and are very clearly more than friends. The issue? Though James is single, having split up with her boyfriend of five years, Matt Smith, earlier this year, West has been married to Catherine FitzGerald since 2010 and they have four children together.

Though I assumed upon seeing how open James and West were being about their relationship that FitzGerald and West had quietly split up prior to this Roman rendezvous, a follow-up Daily Mail article suggests they were, in fact, “very much together” and that FitzGerald found out about James and West at the same time we did.

Twitter was immediately filled with posts directed at James, having a go at the Mamma Mia! star for “having an affair with a married man”, instead of, I don’t know, having a go at the married man with four children for (likely) having an affair with James.

Let’s not forget that we have no context surrounding this situation and no idea what West told James about his marital status. I would hazard a guess that considering James was incredibly public with him, she probably didn’t know his wife was none the wiser to the whole situation. And even if she did know? She’s single. He’s married, and it’s well past time we stopped blaming women for the decisions of the shitty men around them.