Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life has long been the subject of jokes, which only intensified as the years passed and his girlfriends continued to get younger—or stay perpetually in their early 20s—while he entered his mid-forties. But despite his current partner Camila Morrone fitting into a similar box as those he’s dated in the past: she’s young (24) and almost criminally gorgeous, it seems as though Hollywood’s perpetual Bachelor might have finally met his match. In fact, this is now one of DiCaprio’s longest relationships ever.

The pair, who keep their romance out of the public eye and off social media, were photographed on a holiday in St. Barts this week, where they were seen in the water laughing and cuddling, four years after they were first rumoured to be dating. 

Page Six notes the duo also took a ride on a sea scooter before joining a group of friends on the beach where they were seen dancing and eating lunch. But perhaps the cutest part of the trip? When Morrone once again enlisted her Academy Award-winning boyfriend to take photos for her Instagram. 

Of course, the first time DiCaprio was caught taking photos for Morrone was at Cannes Film Festival way back in 2019, when he instantly went viral after paparazzi photos showed him holding his phone the wrong way as Morrone posed in front of him. Two years have gone by since then and clearly some private tutorials, too, because the shoot Morrone just dropped is nothing short of professional. 

In the first image, the actress is wearing a black one-piece and facing the ocean looking over her right shoulder. Her long hair is wet and stuck to her shoulder with sand across her back. The view behind is of crystal clear water, but Morrone is perfectly in focus. 8/10. Much, much better than my boyfriend can do. 

The second shot shows Morrone from a distance, lying on a small secluded beach in between rocks. She’s in the same swimsuit and has her feet dug into the sand. It’s a cute photo and is made better by how unplanned it looks—Morrone’s clothes are thrown in a pile behind her and she has no towel. We love a candid moment capture. 7/10.

But what comes next ties it all together perfectly. Saving the best for last, Morrone’s final image in her photo dump is a close-up of her in the same position: lying in the white sand with her swimsuit on, however this time the photographer is up close and taking the photo from the other side. In this picture, Morrone has her eyes closed and face tiled towards the sun. Her right leg is cocked giving her body a stunning shape and the image is taken so she’s at the top of the frame, giving focus to the clear water and making the picture artsier than if she was the centre point. 10/10. DiCaprio, the Oscar, once again, is all yours.