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Credit: Cotton On Body

For those unfamiliar with Zoe Cross and Leila Thomas, these are two models with the most insane bodies going round. Not the traditional slim-line looks you’ll find on the runway, we’re talking boobs, shapely buns, and perfectly-toned stomachs. Basically – your worst nightmare if you’re ever suffering from a fat day. 

With Cross hailing from Sydney and Thomas from Hawaii, the two recently came together on a three-day shoot for the new Cotton On Body campaign in Byron Bay. Pushing our body envy aside, we chatted to the two girls about just what work, motivation and willpower goes into sculpting their faultless figures.

How many times do you work out a week? 
Zoe: I try to work out every day – get the blood flowing in some way or another.
Leila: I count stretching as working out, anything that raises your heart rate. I definitely at least stretch every day. Even if all you find is a good YouTube neck stretch video, it’s worth the 10 minutes.

What exercise will we find you doing?
Zoe: I like to mix it up and do different kinds of exercise from boxing to dancing, reformer pilates, swimming, barre and power plate. I find I get quite bored easily, so it always varies for me. A favourite exercise of mine is Retrosweat – 80’s aerobics where you’ll find me wearing high-cut leotards and reebok freestyles.
Leila: I’m a mover and a shaker. By best advice is walk. If you can walk half a mile to lunch, do it! You’re gonna feel like gold.

Credit: Cotton On Body

How many hours a week do you train for?
Zoe: Minimum 10 hrs a week, but I’m not too strict on myself.
Leila: I try to get the heart rate up at least 45 minutes a day walking, doing yoga, biking, surfing.

Do you have a personal trainer?
Zoe: I’ve been training at the Bondi Boxing gym with a group of friends in the mornings, we all train ourselves. I also train with Zach and Siannon from Transpose Fitness doing a mixture of boxing and pilates exercises focusing on my form. 
Leila: I’m single now, but looking.

How do you stay motivated?
Leila: By the thought of being healthy. Find a workout that you enjoy and you want to do after a long day… for example, Zumba.
Zoe: Having a lot of friends in similar industries with healthy lifestyles keeps me motivated. I always have someone to work out with.

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Credit: Cotton On Body

Do you feel pressure to be a certain shape? 
Zoe: There is definitely pressure in the line of work that I do, and as I do a lot of bikini and underwear, you have to be in tip-top shape. But I’m stoked to see more and more healthy body types out there in the industry. 
Leila: I did for a long time. I would be way too judgmental of all of my “attributes”. Being a model we are supposed to fit the clothes, but that doesn’t mean your body needs to look like a rail thin hanger. Now I’m happy being healthy and I feel way more confident.

Does your fitness and healthy eating go into overdrive before a campaign?
Zoe: I try and be really consistent with fitness and healthy eating as modelling is very spontaneous and jobs can pop up last minute. But if I know I have a big job I’ll try and knuckle down and amp up the workouts.
Leila: The truth is, sometimes I try harder than others. Like anyone else, we all fall off the wagon and sometimes have too many “cheat days”. But the best way to do it is maintain your perfect pant size. Have a pair of jeans that fit you when you feel your best, and if they start getting a little tight on the hips, pull back on the sweet treats. That way, you’re never in panic mode about getting in shape for a shoot, a friend’s wedding, or trip to the beach. 

Credit: Cotton On Body

Do you allow yourself many “treat meals”?
Zoe: I treat myself when the time is right, everything in moderation.
Leila: Once in awhile I’ll order a great meal, but that’s because I’d rather have dessert. I have chocolate every day. Just limit the amount.

What is your favourite treat meal? 
Zoe: Cocowhip, 90 per cent dark choc and a glass of Pour Les Amour Rosé.
Leila: Pizza or macaroni and cheese or pasta.

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Credit: Cotton On Body