Fernanda Ly wearing Georgia Alice as one of her 5 looks for the MYER Spring 16 show
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She may be Nicolas Ghesquière’s favourite right now and a recent Louis Vuitton campaign star, but Australia’s hottest modelling export Fernanda Ly says last night’s flawlessly-executed MYER Spring 16 extravaganza was the biggest (and probably trickiest) she’s ever done.

The Western Sydney-raised model with signature pink tresses, in town to visit family and walk for the department store in front of a thousand-strong VIP crowd, is no stranger to intense gigs (“the Vuitton Cruise show in Rio was soooo long – that’s why Nicolas designed those flat shoes for us all to wear”) but MYER had one major difference.

“Normally there are 40 looks in a regular runway show, but this one has around 300, which is a really crazy length and it’s all done so fast,” she told GRAZIA straight after the dress rehearsal. “The most outfits I’ve ever worn for a show is two max, usually just one, but I’m doing five tonight, which is SO many.”

Ly alongside former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins and other models in Maticevski 
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Not surprisingly, the change process between outfits is, in the 20-year-old’s own words seriously crazy. “The moment I get off the runway I’m running taking off my shoes telling people to get out of my way, then I get changed, then I run back to the line-up, and step out [trying to look] calm.” Then she did it again – four times over.

Guests at the celeb-studded, VIP-only event would have never guessed Ly’s panic though, given her pared down energy on the runway and that signature kooky-cool walk that’s propelled her at warp speed to the top of the industry.

Ly in sass & bide for MYER Spring 16
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It’s been just three years since the Liverpool local was scouted while walking through a Sydney CBD shopping centre during her HSC exams. Since then she’s deferred her university degree (she started architecture, majoring in interiors and still dreams of being a set designer), moved to New York and is such hot demand shoot and campaign-wise, it’s almost impossible to find time to break for social holidays.

Myer was like the store that everyone goes to as a kid,” she reflected after opening for the brand’s hugely anticipated Spring show, fronted by ambassador of 10 years, Jennifer Hawkins.


Ly and flanking Hawkins both wore Alex Perry for the long, but seamlessly executed show’s finale
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While it wasn’t the first time she’s walked for the brand (“I did the show two years ago when I’d just started modelling, before I did all the Vuitton stuff, so I was just a nobody”) it was certainly her first opening it. “[To see] all these things lately with [the words] Fernanda Ly and Myer together in the same sentence [is still] so unexpected.”