Never did we think we would see Lana Del Rey slow-dance with Jared Leto and a roaming tiger in a laundromat. But, that day has come. For Gucci’s iconic men’s and women’s fragrance Gucci Guilty, Lana Del Rey takes Jared Leto’s hand in a 70s-inspired short-film shot by Glen Luchford.

A filmic ode to the Gucci Guilty stable, Del Rey and Leto assume nuclear American roles in familiar American scenarios with classic objects of Americana. Laundromat aside, there’s shopping for groceries, getting a manicure in the salon, drinking percolated coffee in a dingy diner and riding with the top down in an old convertible. But much like their iconoclastic artistic personas, they play individuals who live and love outside the social conformism of their surroundings to embody the spirit Gucci Guilty.

A culmination of creative quirkiness; the film is peppered with the eccentric, eclectic beats of not only the brand, but the musician and actor, respectively. There is game running wild in Walmart – a jerky emu with a penchant for Cheetos, obviously. A majestic tiger who roams freely in a laundromat. A lime green jumpsuit. A sheer, glitter bodysuit. Lots of big, bulbous corsages. There’s even a cameo from Courtney Love. It’s so very Gucci, in every grainy fragment.

The film also marks the announcement of Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto as the new faces of the brand. The multi-platinum singer-songwriter is the perfect, glamorous counterpart to Jared Leto’s free-wheeling spirit; two idiosyncratic souls together all in the name of Gucci. Cinematic brilliance at its best, it’s another masterstroke by Alessandro Michele. Long live the Gucci fantasy.

watch the full film below: