Credit: Instagram @ladygaga

Lady Gaga never lets an audience down, and her highly anticipated halftime show at today’s Super Bowl promises a powerful spectacle of  pop hits, potentially politically-charged messages, and probably plently of dusty pink-spiked elements. However a quick scan through her Instagram feed in the lead up to the big show reveals that the singer brings her A-game to her beauty and body prep too. In fact, stringing the pop icon’s dressing room videos together reveals a getting-ready playbook, which we all could easily employ to boost our next night out. Ready, break!

Credit: Instagram @ladygaga

Play #1: Hairdryers double as a makeshift wind machine
Gaga’s Dyson Supersonic hairdryer moonlighted as a mood-boosting fan. Never underestimate the power of a hype-building hair flip. 

Play #2: It’s all in the eyes
Don’t let puffy, tired eyes break your getting-ready stride. Pop on a pair of hydrating eye patches while you do your hair

Play #3: Practice your dance moves before you leave
Freestyle your dance floor preparation to a cleverly curated playlist. Or borrow Gaga’s go-tune tunes: George Michael’s Too Funky, and Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry.