“I want to make clothing for a woman who dresses for herself – not for anyone else,” said Kym Ellery before her inaugural Paris Couture Fashion Week show yesterday. “This a celebration of a new ELLERY woman and as a woman myself I want nothing more than to create clothing from a female point of view.”

The ensuing show was cause for celebration indeed. In terms of fashion runway cred, there’s nothing more prestigious than showing on the Paris Couture schedule.

But unlike many of the award-show-perfect gowns that grace many of the couture runways, Ellery stayed true to her signature structured silhouette, oversized sleeves and ironic twist on tailoring. (Her inspiration, apparently, was her own personal collection. Swoon!)

Masculine tailoring was balanced with delicate webbed lace, and the drop-waisted dresses – which took 120 hours and forty meters of silk twill to create – were the antithesis of traditional couture gown looks but equally as dramatic.

(How much would we all love to see Australia’s other golden girl Margot Robbie wearing said modern-gothic dress on the Oscars red carpet? White thigh-high boots optional, but preferred.)

Jewellery was abstract and shoes – from sweet sling backs to long stretchy boots – were almost retro in their square-toed stance.

“To collect and be cherished’ is an ongoing sentiment that runs through the brand,” Ellery explained. “This new chapter strikes a balance between both the brand’s history and it’s future – one that will continue to endeavour to empower women of excellence.”

A new chapter indeed. Toutes nos felicitations!