Kylie Jenner’s influence knows no bounds. The billionaire-slash-makeup tycoon has been going relatively hard on YouTube lately, giving followers a detailed look at her hyper-real, extremely #blessed life through video. One clip in particular has gone viral, resulting in a chart topping hit (yes, as in music), branded apparel, and now a trademark, sure to make the entrepreneur even more millions in months to come. The video – an office tour that was uploaded to her channel last week – show’s Jenner talking us through all the bells and whistles found at Kylie Cosmetics HQ, including daughter Stormi’s play room where she’s having a nap at the time. Jenner heads in as the video is coming to an end, sweetly singing the words “rise and shine” to rouse Stormi from her slumber. Turns out, Jenner is actually an alright singer, causing the internet to implode, post memes, and obviously prompt whip-smart Jenner to jump on board with the hysteria.

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She almost immediately changed her Instagram bio to “rise and shine”, and started selling “rise and shine” branded merchandise from her e-commerce store. Now, she’s gone and trademarked the phrase, presumably with more plans designed to add millions to her already-burgeoning beauty empire. Given her giant stake in skincare and makeup, I’d like to take an educated guess on what the beauty queen might be cooking up in her Los Angeles office. See below.

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daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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Under-eye mask

Under-eye masks are synonymous with late nights and early mornings. Designed to de-puff, brighten, and hydrate the area around the eye, often they come as a cooling gel patch loaded with ingredients like caffeine and hyaluronic acid. Could a rise and shine eye mask be the next Kylie Skin instalment? It’s not unlikely.


Kylie Cosmetics does not currently retail a mascara, and nothing says “I’m awake” like a set of curly lashes. Perhaps this is an idea Jenner is working on? Stay tuned.

Baby skincare 

It’s already assumed that Jenner will eventually launch into baby-specific products, given it was outlined in the original trademark agreement for Kylie Skin. But seeing as Stormi is half the reason she’s the talk of the internet, maybe the “rise and shine” range will pay homage to her littlest love? Stormi Skin does have a bit of a ring to it…

Sleeping Mask

Skincare that works overnight is having a moment given we’re a society that’s busy and wants to really maximise our down time. Overnight masks with ingredients like acids, hydrators, and brighteners are huge, promising plumper, more even skin upon waking. Maybe in months to come, we’ll be rising and shining thanks to Kylie’s version of the above? Something to (hopefully) look forward to.