It’s no secret Kylie Jenner – along with her sisters – love bodycon. Love, perhaps, is too delicate a description of the Jenner / Kardashian fondness for form-fit clothing: it’s a devotion, an obsession, a fetish, in fact.

But the last two days has seen Jenner up her bodycon game even more. Yesterday, Kylie Jenner had a “closet clean out.” Of course, with the new year in full swing we’re all a little more spirited when it comes to cleaning and mantras and mottos and the like, and Jenner jumped on the new me, new wardrobe sentiment. But unlike the ripped tees and sloppy joes we Marie Kondo with, Jenner, of course, went full glam in what can only be described in an atomic orange cat-suit-thing. Covered in daring holes and sheathing her curvy body from neck to ankle, the outfit was as tight as clothes come, made of lycra or similar. To go with the bombshell look, two odd sneakers, proof the reality star was, you know, really trying things on.

Perhaps even more alarming, however, was the amount of Hermès Birkin bags in the shot. We counted 13, but are open to suggestions (it’s just like Where’s Wally, but Where’s Birkin).

Then today, more Birkins and more bodycon. This time Jenner matched her mottled blue bodycon dress to her bag, a teeny, tiny, two-tone blue Birkin in some kind of exotic skin (likely custom or POA). An addiction if we’ve ever seen one, perhaps Birkin rehab is on the cards for young Kylie.