It’s important to do what makes you feel okay during this unprecedented time (whether that’s online therapy or a face mask is up to you). For me, that’s a moment of respite in the form of the Kardashian-Jenner’s (say what you will, I still ship them) various social accounts. One such member of the almighty reality clan that’s used to a spot of social isolation is Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul and billionaire managed to hide her nine-month pregnancy to baby girl Stormi by essentially not leaving the house – a situation she’s somewhat found herself in again at the current time.

Jenner has been using her platform to spread the world about distancing and self-isolating (and we salute her for that), but also sharing some ideas as to how to entertain yourself as you while away the hours. Sure, she’s got billions in the bank and a house presumably larger than most, but if you want to steal some of Jenner’s ideas for yourself, keep scrolling.

Take a long bath

Pop on a face mask

Host a spa dat at home (presumably involving some of the above)

Puzzles (underrated, according to KJ)

Binge watch West World 


Spend Time With Family (if you can)

Watch movies

Read books

Take care of your hair

Tweet Kylie and tell her what you’re up to!