Kris Jenner posed with the custom Goyard Malle Palace Trunk 70 Suitcase, estimated to be worth upward of $20,000, on Christmas morning

It was only yesterday that Kris Jenner posed with a $21,000 custom Goyard Malle Palace Trunk 70 suitcase that she received for Christmas, but it feels like we’ve lived a lifetime with the image seared perfectly into our retinae.

It has words. Big words. It’s so weird and boring, but I’m obsessed. Should you be wondering, it’s to her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, that we should give thanks for posting an image to her Instagram Story on Christmas morning of a serene Kris, clad in a tartan pyjama twin set and the kind of sunglasses worn indoors by only the truly hungover, posing in front of a Christmas tree with suitcase in hand. While some fatuous conservative commentators prone to misogyny were quick to decry the image as the embodiment of senseless narcissism and repulsive greed, others have been just as ready to anoint it as the image of aspirational content incarnate. A ‘vibe’ like no other.

“Kris Jenner’s Goyard suitcase is the actual ‘it’,” wrote one observer on Twitter. “Like it’s my future Mood AF”.

“Kris Jenner with her Goyard luggage that says ‘Rich as Fuck’ is the type of energy I’m tryna be on”, declared another still. “KJ goat fuk [sic] how anybody feel all her shit go HARD!” remarked another discerning user of many to join a Yuletide chorus singing Jenner’s praises. “This Custom Goyard yasss”.

Indeed. How does anybody feel all her shit and go, truly, so hard? Something, perhaps, to consider for those of you staring down the barrel of another year spent bemoaning the success of these women instead of going so hard yourself.

Tile and cover image: Instagram