Whether you’ve plunged back into lockdown (hello Australia) or simply prefer exercising from the privacy of your own space, we have a new home workout for you. First published to the Poosh Youtube channel in 2020, Kourtney Kardashian has today revealed she continues to do Addison Rae’s 6-minute booty workout. And let me tell you, prepare for the burn.

Kardashian published a gym selfie to Instagram with the caption, “Just did @addisonraee‘s 6-minute booty workout from our @poosh YouTube video! no excuses… your turn!”

Naturally I dug through the archives to understand the hype. Here’s what it involves.

To start, do 30 seconds of donkey kicks on the right leg and again on the left leg. After the first minute, you will repeat 30 seconds on each leg with fire hydrants. The third minute (and this is where it starts to hurt) involves 30 seconds of fire hydrant extensions on the right and left leg. For those unacquainted, you complete a fire hydrant and hold the leg to extend the bent leg out and then back in, before repeating.

Keeping up? Three minutes down, three to go. From there you simply repeat. You can follow along below but we suggest muting the conversation and turning up some music.

If you want a quick arm workout to add (why not make it a full body exercise?) Cindy Crawford has shared her secret to toned limbs in the past. “This is good for triceps and for when you wear strapless dresses,” Crawford added.

Kardashian has been subject to a slew of marriage rumours after she took a trip to Las Vegas with beau, Travis Barker. Now the race is on to see who will make it down the aisle first – the reality star and her man or double-date friends, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Maybe we can re-title this to a “pre-wedding workout” in months to come.