KLP 1280 portrait
Credit: Richard Freeman

Each Friday, KLP will be curating GRAZIA an exclusive weekend playlist for you to stream on Spotify. “I wanted to create a playlist to share with GRAZIA that makes you feel good whatever you’re up to,” she says. “Be it waking up in the morning and needing a pick-me-up, trying to make it through a rough patch at work, or come the evening and you’re getting ready to head out; the type of mix where you press play and then slowly and subtly, it lifts your spirits and suddenly you feel yourself humming along and looking forward to the rest of the day.”

“This week, there are tracks from all across the world, but my favourites right now are from North East Party House and Big Scary. Press play, close your eyes for a second, take a breath and let these songs make you feel these tracks.”


KLP’s national tour, KLParty, begins July 29. For ticketing information, go to klpmusic.com and her Facebook for updates.