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Kirsten Dunst, a heavyweight amongst the pantheon of Hollywood’s unsung heroes, is finally receiving her dues. 

Dunst, who has been acting in films since the age of six, is one of the many honourees who were today revealed to be receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame from the Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Other notaries receiving stars include Jennifer Lawrence, Minnie Mouse and, posthumously, Steve Irwin.

And with the exception of fellow honouree RuPaul Charles, few could deliver the news that they’re receiving that most prestigious of honorifics with the panache of Dunst, a stealth comedy legend.

“My mom’s always at Vons” [sic]: Kirsten Dunst broke news of her commendation with a screenshot of a text from her mother, Inez
Credit: Instagram

Dunst broke the news with a screenshot posted to her sublimely blasé Instagram account, where she regularly shares the tragicomic minutiae of life as a child star turned icon of the Hollywood filament.

“America! Finally joined the gram! Give me my free [French fries emoji]”, she captioned her first post on joining the platform. “Happy Caturday” [sic] she labels a picture of a marmalade cat; a week later, she posts a similar picture with the same caption, and again the week after that. “#Cindysherman” she captions another portrait taken while cradling a pair of crutches in a wheelchair, her left leg in a cast, her withering gaze focused somewhere in the middle distance and not on the Cindy Sherman self-portrait behind her. Genius. 

“My mom’s always at Vons”, she captioned her most recent post, the intimation being that her mother Inez loves shopping at the Southern Californian supermarket chain owned by Albertsons.

You can bet she’ll be celebrating in a similarly laconic fashion come Caturday. Congratulations, Kiki.

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