Yes, we are still trying to comprehend Kris Jenner’s AU$11000 Versace outfit she wore to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. But after the aviary-themed feast – the gathering was a temporary reprieve from selling product – Kim Kardashian was back resuming her position as makeup sales lady. In a new beauty tutorial, one to plug her KKW makeup range’s Black Friday sales, Kim employed a new makeup artist, her five-year-old daughter North.

While the look created was different, it was the incredibly unprofessional tantrum the employer threw when her canvas moved that was most shocking. While North began using the black cream eyeliner in an extremely abstract way – by drawing Kim’s initials on her cheekbones – North became agitated when her subject moved, and fell in a heap on the floor crying.

“I moved, I’m sorry I didn’t realise it would cause this much of a big deal! My makeup artists don’t usually act this way,” Kim says in her Instagram stories. “OK let’s focus.”

The makeup artist managed to get it together to finish her look. A second makeup artist was called in. Kim’s niece Dream (Rob Kardashian’s daughter) finished off the look with a highlighter and while aggressive with the brush, was way more chill than North. Chic.

View the process below.