Over the weekend, an unlikely character inserted herself into Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s relationship: Miley Cyrus. On Instagram, the singer posted an image of herself and Davidson posing as if they’re each other’s dates to a faux high school ball, writing “Pete & I are now official”. But before you add Cyrus to Davidson’s award-worthy list of girlfriends, thankfully they’re not Instagram official romantically like adorable angels Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers, but rather, official co-hosts of Saturday Night Live

But that’s far from all. Then during an appearance on The Tonight Show, Cyrus serenaded Davidson with lyrics about his new relationship with Kardashian, singing, “I said, it should have been me — ohhhhh, it should been me. Pete Davidson, how you gonna do this to me?” sending both Fallon and Davidson into fits of laughter.

Naturally, fans were curious about what Kardashian would think of herself—and her new relationship—being laughed about by Cyrus, but it appears the SKIMS founder not only saw the skit, but was actually in on the joke. 

Cyrus’ initial Instagram post announcing her new gig with Davidson quickly racked up millions of likes, including one from Kardashian herself, according to E! News. Interestingly, the ‘like’ has now disappeared, so maybe it was an accidental double-tap while stalking her boyfriend’s latest pics (we’ve all been there). 

Speaking of Kete (yes, we’re there already), after weeks of back to back paparazzi shots and Instagram content (thanks again, Flavor Flav), the new duo haven’t been spotted together publicly of late. Though sources say they’re still going strong. Remember the hickey? Of course you do

Meanwhile, Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West has continued his bid to get her back, including literally singing her name while performing his song ‘Runaway’ in LA over the weekend where Kardashian and the couple’s children were present.

West’s grovelling doesn’t appear to be working, however: on  Friday, Kardashian filed legals documents which will make her “officially single.” TMZ reports the documents will separate the issues of child custody and property, still to be decided, from her marital status. The papers also ask for her maiden name to be restored, removing the West from her surname.