Kim Kardashian says life post the pandemic has brought up memories of the traumatic months after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. In 2016, Kim was attacked inside her hotel room in the French capital during fashion week. She was tied up as the robbers demanded jewels and money from her.

Now, in a new clip from the last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the mom of four has shared that she is struggling to come to terms with the world reopening and what that means for her mental health.

“I came to Malibu, like, not too long ago and went to Nobu,” Kardashian told sister Khloe Kardashian. “Like, I have not left my house really since quarantine. I was so freaked out. People were trying to come up to Kanye [West] and like, talk to him and come up to me and ask for photos.”

Admitting that she found it uncomfortable and that she would only take pictures with fans if they used a “selfie stick and want to do it six feet away,” Kardashian acknowledged it left her with “high anxiety on another level”.

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“I feel like I had agoraphobia, definitely, after my robbery in Paris,” Kardashian continued. “Like definitely would stay in, I hated to go out, I didn’t want anybody to know where I was and didn’t want to be seen. I felt I was just getting back into it, I had just gone to Paris, just started travelling and then quarantine happened and now I’m, like, such a freak all over again and never want to leave,” Kardashian admitted.

“It’s crazy that people even feel that comfortable to go up to someone,” Khloe added, telling her sister that she didn’t have to go back out into the world if she didn’t feel ready, despite the country reopening. “Protect yourself and your family at all costs. Do what you want to do,” continued Khloe.