If you thought Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship wouldn’t last the distance, it appears the unlikely couple most definitely can. Quite literally. In fact, they’re even thriving half a world away from each other currently, while Davidson shoots a new film Down Under in Queensland, Australia and Kardashian continues her work in Los Angeles, California. 

Davidson’s latest project, Wizards!, has him currently living in Australia. But despite the different time zones, a source has told E!, his relationship with Kardashian is still going incredibly well.

The source, who’s close to Kardashian, explained how they’re making the long-distance bearable, saying, being in “constant contact” helps.

“The distance hasn’t been an issue for Kim and Pete’s relationship while he’s been away filming,” the source started. “They are still going strong and making it work.” 

“When they are apart, they are in constant communication,” the source said. “[They] FaceTime consistently [and are] always getting quick phone calls in when they can.”

After almost a year together, Kardashian, who ended her marriage to Kanye West in February 2021, is still very much into her BDE comedian. “Kim loves that he’s always making her laugh and he truly makes her day when they talk,” the source said. “She is still smitten over him and it just works for her. Pete plans to come back to L.A. after filming wraps to spend time with her for a few days.”

On the way to Australia, Kardashian and Davidson stopped in Tahiti for a romantic trip, wherein Kardashian showcased how well her new man does at the all-important job of Instagram boyfriend (pretty well, to be fair). Following that, Kardashian also visited Davidson in Australia with paparazzi photos capturing her arriving at Queenland airport on July 16. 

A source explained the visit to E! at the time, saying, “Kim is heading to Australia to visit Pete this weekend. She wanted to spend time with her kids before she left and did some special travel with them. Now she’s off to see Pete and is very excited.”