Over the past few weeks, Kanye West has made it clear to the world that he wants one thing: his ex-wife Kim Kardashian back. After seemingly moving on with a 22-year-old model named Vinetria, with who West was seen attending a basketball game in November, the rapper proceeded to go on somewhat of a post-divorce press tour, telling multiple people he wants to reconcile with Kardashian before straight-up reposting a TMZ article to his Instagram story and tagging her account. 

West’s apparent change of tune coincidentally coincided with Kardashian doing some moving on of her own with none other than SNL comedian and (more importantly) BDE founder Pete Davidson. And despite West now pulling out all the stops—even singing Kardashian’s name at his L.A. concert over the weekend, it looks like West’s pleas come too little too late. In fact, Kardashian reportedly finds the whole public debacle “strange”, especially considering the rapper is allegedly now living with Vinetria at his Malibu home.

“Kim is making a statement by doubling down that she’s single,” a source told Page Six, following Kardashian filing papers to officially drop “West” from her name on Friday. “She thinks it’s strange that Kanye keeps saying he wants her back, but all the while he’s got the model at his Malibu house.” 

In her court filings, Kardashian notes that the relationship has “irremediably broken down” and new reports say that even going to therapy together was not an option to try to make things work. “The parties’ marriage has irremediably broken down. [Kardashian] no longer desires to be married to [West],” the documents read, per PEOPLE. “There are simply no compelling reasons not to grant a motion to bifurcate and terminate marital status in this case.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have deterred West. “He’s not giving up without a fight,’ a source tells PEOPLE. “Kim is the mother of his children and he’s not going to just let that go,” they continued. “No matter if they’re husband and wife, they’ll always support each other. Her recent filing or any filing for that matter doesn’t mean he’s going to stop fighting to win her back.”

“Despite the recent filing by Kim, Kanye hasn’t lost hope to be with Kim again,” the insider says. “As he goes out more and he’s holding events and concerts, he’s always inviting Kim and will continue to do so. His sole priority is making sure she’s taken care of and treated like a queen, whether they’re married or not. That will always be a priority and that will never change.”

Meanwhile, Kardashian is out here passing the baby bar and dating Pete Davidson. We love to see this post-divorce energy.