In the middle of social isolation and COVID-19 hysteria, there’s now live lobsters walking the streets. Specifically, Kim Kardashian’s street in Calabasas.

Yesterday, the reality star, who’s currently bunkered down at her Los Angeles home, shared a clip on her Instagram Stories showing a lobster she’d just found walking down the street. ‘A lobster on our street. What is happening?!?!,’ she wrote.

She then shared the same video to Twitter, writing, “just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!”

Naturally, a Calabasas Lobster Twitter account was quickly created with the first tweet, “taking a stroll,” quickly followed up by, “Wtf I think I just passed Kim K’s house.”

It then tweeted, “1,000 likes and I’ll bite Kanye.”

The video quickly went viral with one person noting, “That’s when you know the neighbourhood is rich, a lobster is just walking around” and another adding, “2020 can be summed up by the fact that the world is ending and Kim K is tweeting about a random lobster on her street.” Yep.