There’s no denying it; Kim Kardashian has a power amongst us. Love her, hate her; whatever your Kardashian-Jenner inclination may be – there’s an undeniable influence. And when it comes to beauty, this is paramount.

Yesterday, Kardashian posted a brand new “cut” on her Instagram story: a super sleek, straight bob. Of course, when we refer to a “cut” and a “bob”, we are referring to a change to Kim’s hair prior – super long (derriere-skimming long) and jet-black – but most likely this length is thanks to some crafty hair extensions. However fake or not, it was long. Very long.

Fast-forward to today, and Kardashian’s hair is abbreviated in length; cropped and short. All thanks to hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kim’s new cut was live fed through an Instagram Story upload entitled, “Hair Cut”, accompanied by a lot of pouting and cat ears (standard Kimmy K social practise).

Interestingly, the haircut mimicked a style little sister Khloe sported earlier the week, albeit a much blonder version. It seems the Kardashian clan have a case of the bob’s one more. But it is Kim’s glossy, black itineration which will no doubt spawn the biggest group of bob-abes (bob wannabes for the uninitiated); get set for the blunt ‘do to saturate feeds the world over.

So, is the bob back for real? Hell, yes. It has been for a while. But it is all the more desirable now that Kardashian has promoted it (again). Let the black, sleek bobs rule – until her next hairstyle.