Between actually studying law, filming a television show, running a beauty brand and being a mother, I genuinely cannot fathom how Kim Kardashian West has the time to pull together some of the looks she does. The 39-year-old reality star and beauty mogul just unveiled her first Halloween costume paying homage to Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character, law student Elle Woods from the 2001 film Legally Blonde. She even filmed her own remake of Woods’ Harvard admissions video essay.

“Oh! Hi! I’m Elle Woods and for my admissions essay I am going to tell all of you at Harvard why I’m going to be an amazing lawyer,” Kardashian West said at the start of the video recreation, a nod to her own pursuit of the same university degree.

Kardashian filmed each and every scene from the meeting with her sorority Delta Nu to wearing a green sequinned bikini while floating on a li-lo. She brings the video home, though, when she’s walking in the pink dress with the pink feather pen, wearing the pink lipstick and holding a dog (who is presumably starring as Bruiser Woods). “I object!” she proclaims.

This look will be one of four Kardashian will be serving this year. When one fan asked on Twitter for a preview of today’s costume, Kardashian responded, “I was up until 1:30am shooting one look! I have one w kids, one w Kanye and one solo. I have a 4th look but not sure if I will do it this year. Need to decide.”

I didn’t think Kardashian’s take on Pamela Anderson last year could be beaten but, alas, here we are.

Meanwhile, we are patiently awaiting Reese Witherspoon’s reaction. The actor’s hyped television series The Morning Show premieres tomorrow on new streaming service Apple TV+. Yes, you have to hand it to them: The Kardashians never miss a beat – or timely hook in the grand bid for publicity.

Let’s meet back here for outfits two, three and four.