Before Kim Kardashian, before TMZ, there was Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Known for their fast-paced lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock n roll, it was impossible to look away. An almost trainwreck, their happenings were documented and splashed across global print editions; Pammy sold magazines. It seemed fitting then for the current number one headline holder, Kim Kardashian, to give a (Halloween) nod to her 90s predecessor.

The iconic look is from Pamela’s appearance at the Video Music Awards with Tommy Lee back in 1999. Kardashian went to town with over-lined lips, a too-tight corset and an identical furry hat. But ti was the blue eyeshadow that set it off, an ironic choice since Kardashian recently accused her older sister, Kourtney, of looking like a ‘f***ing clown’ with cobalt eyelids while the pair were shooting in Japan.

Yesterday, all five Kardashian/Jenner sisters dressed as Victoria’s Secret angels, complete with real wings on loan from the lingerie giant.