kimtileImage: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been forced to deny allegations of cocaine use after white powder was spotted in the background of her Snapchat video.

Two straight lines of powder could be seen on a table behind Kim in a Snap she posted Tuesday to promote the kid’s clothing line she’s launched with Kanye West.

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After people began asking her about the white powder, Kim tweeted just 18 minutes later that the substance was sugar.

“I do not play with rumors like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick.

“That’s sugar from our candy mess from dylan’s candy shop.”

Kim was indeed at Dylan’s Candy Shop in New York City on Sunday, as paparazzi photos published by TMZ show, so her excuse is plausible.

She’s been firm in the past on her attitude towards alcohol and drugs, which is that she’s not a fan of either.

“I’ve never been a drinker, I’ve never gotten into drugs,” she said on The Jay Leno Show in 2010. “I’ve always been the responsible one … I hate the taste of alcohol.”

Kim seems far too media savvy to ever incriminate herself in such an amateur way – she’s used to having reality TV cameras around for the last decade.

Which makes us wonder if this mini-scandal was designed to take the heat off Rob Kardashian after Blac Chyna made allegations of violence and abuse against him.

Or maybe North just made a mess with that candy, as kids are wont to do.

Some on social media aren’t buying it, such as the person who asked “You keep your sugar in cut lines?” Admittedly strange, but we doubt the white substance is cocaine or any illegal drug. You think this is Kim Kardashian’s first rodeo/Snapchat?