While on her quest to singlehandedly absolve Dolce & Gabbana from all the controversy surrounding the brand through her endorsement alone (and, naturally, succeeding), Kim Kardashian journeyed to Milan, where she made an appearance to debut her collaboration for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 show over the weekend. 

Following her iconic runway moment, Kardashian celebrated, changing into a skintight sparkling Dolce & Gabbana gown. Similar to when she wore another skintight sparkly dress to the Met Gala – that time, Marilyn Monroe’s – Kardashian had to suffer for fashion: this time, she could barely walk.

In a hilarious TikTok shared by her friend Stephanie Shepherd, Kardashian is seen trying to make her way up a flight of stairs, while barely being able to move her legs apart. In lieu of a lift, which she asks for in one clip, Kardashian bunny-hops up a flight of stairs and then manages to manoeuvre her way into her car having to recline, rather than sit, thanks to her tightly corseted top half. 


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“Omg Kim will do anything for fashion… and I must respect her for that,” one person commented. Another rightly asked, “Why aren’t people carrying this queen?”

“The little pit pats of her running in the beginning 😭,” a third added, while Emily Ratajkowski put simply, “Icons only.”