How many times have you mulled over an Instagram caption, checked it off with your work wife eight times, edited it nine and then posted something basic that definitely didn’t warrant 12 hours of thinking time and one “sleep on it”? It seems the Kardashians are also not excused from caption anxiety, something we learned when Khloe Kardashian left a comment outing sister Kourtney for this exact act.

“I’m so glad to see you finally thought of a caption!,” Khloe wrote on Kourtney’s picture. “If you asked me one more time, I would have punched you in the throat.” Khloe commented on another picture of Kourtney, “This was the caption you chose?” indicating the two sisters had talked about it before posting.

It’s not the first time Khloe has called her sisters out about their Instagram game. Take a look below (Poor Kendall!).