Credit: Instagram/@khloekardashian

Khloé Kardashian is one woman who has never been afraid to switch up her hair. From colour to cut, we’ve seen Kardashian rock numerous looks since we first met her via Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007. Back then she had dark brunette locks with heavy bangs, but in more recent years the reality star has experimented with blonde hues, cropped cuts and XXL extensions.

And while we love to see the Good American founder switch things up, there’s little doubt that constantly oscillating between looks takes a toll on the condition of the hair. As Kardashian revealed, her hair has suffered the consequences of non-stop processing and styling, leaving her tresses looking a little lacklustre. That is, until her hair stylist recommended a new treatment product that purported to reverse the trauma her tresses had experienced – the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask ($94.50).

Kardashian tried the leave-in treatment and soon saw results, before professing that she was “obsessed” with the cult product on her Twitter. “My hair was very damaged and my stylist recommended this leave-in repair mask – it literally brought my hair back to life,” she wrote.

So how does the buzzy hair mask work? The formula contains patented technology that evolved from research analysing and scanning 1242 decapeptides, which covers the entire genome of human keratin proteins (the stuff your hair is made of). K18 discovered a unique sequence that could bring strands damaged from chemical services and heat styling back to their original, youthful state – now known as the K18Peptide.

It’s also super easy to factor into your haircare routine, which is another reason why it works so well for those with a busy schedule like Kardashian. Simply apply a pump or two to freshly washed hair, working it through from root to tip. Let it soak in for four minutes, then continue with the rest of your styling products. Use it it consistently for your next four washes, before transitioning it to a product you sub in every four to five washes thereafter.

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