As the spookiest time of the year approaches, one thing that comes across all of our minds is “what will celebs wear for costumes this year?” It’s always exciting to see what references people will pull from, and Kendall Jenner is no exception. Last night on Instagram, Jenner shared a snap of herself dressed as the iconic and vintage Pamela Anderson character known as Barb Wire, and obvious pun on “barbed wire,” from last Halloween.

The picture is from Jenner’s rarely-seen 25th birthday party Halloween bash that happened last year. Jenner was barely recognisable in this costume, channeling Anderson’s iconic bombshell blonde hair in place of her usual brunette mane. The hair was big and wavy, giving us all sorts of 90s nostalgia and glam, truly becoming one with the aesthetic. Down to every last detail, Jenner sported pencil-thing 90s brows, whether you love them or hate them, with a nude glossy lip and bright blue eyeshadow.

The costume itself gave scandal and sex appeal, with a leather corset and bustier combination, paired with fishnet stockings and matching thigh-high boots. To fully embody this costume, Jenner wore sheer, opera-length gloves with barbed wire bracelets, as well as even giving herself a temporary barbed wire tattoo. Every last detail fully accounted for.

Anderson’s character, Barb Wire, originated from a 1996 action movie of the same name. Anderson plays a risqué and scandalous night club owner with a conflicting secondary role as a bounty hunter, talk about a #girlboss. This reference, while popular, is one that flew under the radar until Jenner has brought it to life, revamping a cult not-so-classic into the 2021 cultural sphere. No doubt a lot of research went into this one.

Reference aside, Jenner upped her game last Halloween, and it’ll be exciting to see what she, as well as other celebs, bring to thee table this year. What will the running themes be? Who’ll reign supreme as our Halloween queen? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.