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The long-bob (‘lob’) has won the MVP  haircut award for a couple of year’s running now, but it wasn’t until the most recent batch of celebrity lob-byists went under the shears that the IT-haircut’s wide styling potential was fully realised. Selena Gomez’s shoulder-grazing strands have been seen in soft s-bends and mermaid waves, while Cara Delevingne has woven her collarbone-tickling lengths into boxer braids, half up ponytails and double buns a plenty. But the girl that kicked off the most recent wave of long-bob appreciation, Kendall Jenner brings out the big guns when it comes to styling her modern chop. Whether she’s on the streets sporting air-dried waves, raking the top half back into a ‘mun’ (half-up bun) or embracing her inner bombshell on the red carpet, fashion’s current darling is inspiring us to style outside of the lines. 

Kendall in the ‘mun’ (aka: half-up bun) 
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“For the half-up topknot, it’s important not to have the hair too smooth, it’s supposed to be stylish yet effortless,” explains Renya Xydis, who says the long-bob is high on the request list ather Sydney salons. “For that perfect, ‘natural’ look, loosen the hair in the bun by using a tail comb to slightly pull out the hair, creating a wispy effect and make sure the knot is on the crown of the head – it’s the perfect position and will give you that height your looking for.”

Glossy and classic for the red carpet
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Xydis says Cloud Nine’s The Wand is her go-to for creating curls like Kendall’s, explaining that nailing this nighttime look comes down to technique. “Hold the tool with the tip of the wand pointing down and then wrap the hair around the barrel and away from the face,” she says. “Allow the hair to cool before brushing out and setting with a flexible finishing spray”

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And what about Kendall’s It-girl hair flip? “The hair flip can depend on your hairs natural part and I find that the flip always works best opposite to the way your hair wants to fall,” explains Xydis. “This is a daytime look, so you want it to look as effortless as possible. To create big beautiful loose waves, I’d recommend the Cloud Nine Waving Wand, holding the tool with the tip of the wand facing down, wrap your hair around the barrel and away from the face. Hold for around 5-10 seconds to allow the heat to move evenly through the hair and then release.”