In case you somehow missed it, last year both Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid served as bridesmaids for their best friend Lauren Perez’s wedding. Taking place on the beach in Miami, the two models wore turquoise custom made silk slip dresses by Bec & Bridge for the wedding ceremony, walking on the sand barefoot ahead of the bride. 

Just like Kim Kardashian did for her longtime friend Paris Hilton, photos circulated showing the famous pair fixing the bride’s train and being supportive besties on the day, but later that night, photos Jenner shared to Instagram quickly kicked off discourse about appropriate wedding guest attire.

In the time between the ceremony and party, Jenner had changed out of her bridesmaid dress and into a different outfit. The dress in question was an all-black cut-out dress by Mônot which featured diamond-shaped cut-outs across the chest going all the way down to the waist. The criticism was swift with many saying Jenner’s choice was out of line and would deflect attention away from the bride (if the dress didn’t, the discourse certainly did!).

Now, two months on, Jenner and Perez have responded to the drama, with Jenner revealing she asked Perez’s permission ahead of wearing the dress and Perez saying she “loved it.” In photos Perez shared to her account of her big day, which showed Jenner and Hadid posing alongside the bride, one person wrote, “Inappropriate outfit at a wedding @kendalljenner, I’m embarrassed for you. #cringe.” In response, another follower wrote, “If the bride herself doesn’t gaf, why do you care, relax?” This prompted a response from Perez herself, who wrote, “tell ‘em! SHE LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!”

Jenner then entered the chat, writing in response to Perez, “Obvi, asked for your approval in advance, too. We love a beach wedding.” There you have it: best friends always ask best friend’s approval. Especially for a wedding.