It’s one of the great fashion injustices of the world: the insanely rich young celebs who can most afford to buy designer clothes, bags and shoes at full store cost are the most likely to get it either early or for nix, possibly both. 

They’re also generally the first adopters of items that are likely to rocket to street-cult status. (Think Gigi in those furry Fenty slides or Rhianna in literally anything.)

Case in point Kendall Jenner, who was recently snapped wearing the new ‘skinny’ version of the LEVI’s classic 501 style due to hit Australian stores in March. (Side note: skinnies took a back seat to flared crop jeans last year, but they’re back with a vengeance and expected to be the jeans style of 2017 – ideally tight and ripped.)

The return of skinny: Jenner was the first celeb to be snapped in Levi’s new 501 iteration
Credit: Getty Images

The folks at fashion’s original denim brand LEVI’s don’t mess with their most iconic shape often (why tamper with perfection?) but when they do, it’s with so much consideration and precision the style’s almost a shoe-in for wild hit status.

This slightly cropped, slightly vintage-looking, high-waisted iteration of the 501 classic – the world’s first It-jean – is all but guaranteed to send fashion-lovers so giddy they’d consider camping out to own a pair when they finally hit stores. (Emphasis on the when.)

A model in the new 501 style
Credit: Levi’s

No such drop day scrambling required for Kendall, who wore her own pair (perhaps one pair of her new skinny 501 collection?) during a Los Angeles shopping trip literally days after it became available in the United States. 

Whether she was gifted them or wave her platinum AMEX early we’ll never know, but the mere fact she street-styled the h*ll out of them long before other off-duty models and had a chance to be snapped in them means she’s made the style her own. And what brand wouldn’t want to tap into some of that celeb love and envy-fuelled hype?


Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans
Credit: Levi’s

While you can purchase them now via the American Levi’s site, the waiting game continues for anyone wanting to try a pair on in store here in Australia. We’ll let you know the minute they hit our shores’ stores (no queuing outside stores required), but here’s the heads-up: three denim washes (called Old Hangouts, Clear Minds and Supercharger) will drop in January for $139.95, with a further two washes set to arrive in March.

Shall we wager on the first Aussie model-slash-style icon to be snapped in a pair of their own? 

Models in the new Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans
Credit: Levi’s