Another day, another celebrity hair transformation, and this is a big one. After giving her followers a quick glimpse of a hair snip on SnapChat last week, many of us thought that Kendall was having some fun trawling through her little sister, Kylie’s extensive wig collection. After all, we’ve been burnt falling for a faux cut too fast before (thanks, Taylor) and Kendall is more known for her chic hairstyles, rather than dramatic haircuts. 



As it turns out however, Jenner wasn’t joking and her fresh long bob is the real deal.

Stepping out with brother-in-law to attend friend, Tyler The Creator’s fashion show in Los Angeles yesterday, the model’s debuted a shorter, blunter hairstyle.



Significantly shorter than her up-until-now signature, long, shiny brunette hair, Kendall’s new cut barely grazes her shoulders and seeing it still in tact leaving LA restaurant Nobu the following night quashed any lingering fake-out concerns. While her bestie Gigi is still flying the flag for long, blonde hair, this fresh haircut is easily one of Kendall’s prettiest hair looks to date and a refreshing summer shift for the soon-to-be-a-supermodel. 


Cover Image: Instagram @kenginews