We are now quite sure Kendall Jenner can make pretty much anything sexy. Take for example, Saturday’s British escapade at the CHAOS SixtyNine launch party. Her departure from the London event seemed a fairly straight-forward lesson in basic glamour – ‘80s power mini (in that happy, everywhere hue of rich marigold), Perspex heels, bronzed bare legs, nude pedicure, straight, sleek, Donatella-worthy hair. Bombshell 101, right? Wrong.

Clipped to one side of her flat-ironed lengths were two girly snap clips, all thanks to Jen Atkin. Parted down the middle and straightened, the addition of the sweet-as-pie double barrette – one of which was a polka dot print – somehow brought the sex down a notch, and served a gentle reminder of childhoods past.

The snap clips – which made their debut about the time we were playing with Polly Pockets and taking barbie for a spin – brought back memories of a childhood anchored in dolls and doing hair. A trip down memory lane for us, for Jenner, the hair accessory proved the ultimate thing to shift the look out of tacky territory. A master stroke by Atkin indeed, it offset any kind of overt sexiness (read: that Dundas dress), keeping it kitschy and cute up top. And Kenny was such a fan of the look, she repeated the playful double clip combo at Sunday’s Adidas Originals event.

The perfect way to tone down a look, layer hair clips for a hit of sweet when it gets too salty.

Plus, we have the exact look from Atkin below. Playtime has never looked so good.

get the look
1. Prep damp hair with Ouai leave in conditioner 
2. blow dry with Dyson supersonic hair dryer and styling concentrator attachment on medium heat and speed, with YS park black carbon hair brush
3. attach the hair shop clip in extensions
4. add Ouai hair oil for shine
5. finish with Kevin.murphy strong.session hairspray 
6. clip in barrettes to one side