keepcup plastic free july

If there’s ever been a time to ditch the single-use coffee cups, it’s now. We’re in the middle of July, or more specifically, Plastic Free July, a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – a solution that will gift us cleaner streets, oceans, communities and in turn, a cleaner world. And leading the reuse revolution locally is Australian brand, KeepCup.

Over 11 years ago, KeepCup launched the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup, revolutionising the way consumers drink their takeaway coffee and provided an obvious waste solution – keep it and use it again. A masterstroke in the sustainability crusade, their products now divert 8 billion single-use cups from landfill each year, and they’re reigniting the call to continue what they started: the reuse revolution.


keepcup plastic free july

To coincide with Plastic Free July, KeepCup’s revolution continues, reaffirming that the world no longer needs, wants or uses single-use cups – and it couldn’t be more timely. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a surge in plastic waste, with single-use incorrectly equated to hygiene, a myth exploited by the plastics industry. More than 100 scientists published a signed statement to reassure the public that reusables are safe during the pandemic, provided basic hygiene is adhered to – clean hands, and of course, clean KeepCups.

But such setbacks have allowed ‘convenience culture’ to creep back into everyday life (something we’re all guilty of), making the fight against the climate and plastic pollution crises as important as ever.

keepcup plastic free july

‘Plastic Free July 2020 will be like no other, the task to reduce plastic waste for the entire month, and beyond, will be a challenge but with reassurance and support we must push for a ‘new normal’,” says Abigail Forsyth, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KeepCup. “What we don’t want is a return to ‘normal’ which saw species threatened with extinction, 8.2 billion kg of plastic waste flooding our oceans each year, racial inequality and a widening gap between rich and poor”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and recent BLM movement has forced a rethink of the way we interact, with each other and the natural world. It’s given us pause to consider what matters most and clearly shown us how we can effectively drive change when we band together”.

In these restless and indeed unprecedented times, we must not put our environmental endeavours on the backburner. Now, more than ever, is the time to grasp the opportunity to build the future we want to live in, a world without plastic waste. And it can all start with your morning coffee, so drink your almond lattes consciously.

keepcup plastic free july
Mary-Kate Olsen with her KeepCup