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If you’re having trouble keeping up with the ongoing (read: three year) warfare between pop divas Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, rest assured you’re not alone.


Now, the plot thickens. Yesterday on the Today show, Perry was asked (yet again) about the relationship – or more accurately, lack of –  with her former best-friend-turned-nemesis. “I love her, I always have”, Perry insisted. This declaration of love was Swift-ly (oops) followed by the singer admitting that they’ve had their “differences”.   

Down-under to promote her new album Witness, the Swish Swish singer continues her – seemingly futile – attempts to extend the olive branch to Swift. It’s certainly a turn-around from the sassy comments made during her appearance on James Corden’s Karpool Karaoke back in May.

“Honestly, it’s really like, she started it, and it’s time for her to finish it.” Perry went on to confirm the initial feud stemmed from a dispute over back-up dancers, and then cryptically hinted at the concept of karma, before apologising and offering her forgiveness.

The real life bad blood has seemingly progressed from not-so-subtle tweets, to supposed diss tracks by both signers – although this was never confirmed by either party (or their clever PR teams). 

Swift has yet to reply or acknowledge Perry’s many reconciliation attempts. Safe to say, we’re not holding our breaths for a collab anytime soon.