At the Knives Out premiere in Los Angeles the other night, leading actress Katherine Langford took to the red carpet with 10 tiny black crystals framing each of her eyes. The pseudo-lashes were striking and bold; an art deco take on classic falsies, and an adornment that we are very much a fan of.

The work was by makeup artist Fiona Stiles, and was worn over dark grey shadow, modelled into a brilliant, glittering smoke-show eye. Worked back with lip gloss, milky skin, black French tips, and a velvet bow around her bun, the look was a theatrical gothic fantasy, and essentially perfect.

But the crystals aren’t the only magic moments the Knives Out press trail has graced us with. Langford also wore a “muted bordeaux eye” to use the words of Stiles, and a wash of matte shadows in shades of mottled rust and deep olive green. Offset by her long auburn waves on both the latter occasions, Langford has seemingly nailed a beauty trifecta. Well played indeed.