The Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal – the disgraced film exec now stands accused of assaulting more than 50 women – is the talk of Hollywood right now.

As the allegations against Weinstein continue, other men in the entertainment industry have also been the subject of accusations, including director James Toback, celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and Woody Allen.

The allegations against Midnight In Paris director Allen go back to the early nineties, when his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow went public with suspicions he’d been attracted to and inappropriately touched their daughter Dylan Farrow (claims Dylan and her brother Ronan back up) and her adopted daughter Soon-Yi from a previous relationship (Allen is controversially now married to Soon-Yi).

Kate Winslet stars in Allen’s new film Wonder Wheel, but the actress would not be drawn into conversations about Allen in an interview with Variety this week.

“It’s just a difficult discussion,” Winslet said.

“I’d rather respectfully not enter it today.”

Last month the Titanic actress was criticised after telling The New York Times she had “an extraordinary working experience” with Allen.

She told Variety of the ensuing furore:

“I don’t read how people respond to things. We’re always as actors going to say the wrong thing. I think it’s better to respectfully step away from the discussion.”

She wasn’t afraid, however, to slam Harvey Weinstein following the multiple exposes that came out about the exec this month.

When asked by the LA Times if he had ever sexually harassed her, she said he hadn’t and that she “would have taken off a heel and put it right through his face” if he had tried.