Famously private, Kate Moss has continuously committed to her MO “Never complain, never explain,” advice given to her at the start of her modelling career by then-boyfriend, Johnny Depp. When she does give the odd interview, she tends to get asked about the same things: her modelling career now vs. the early days, her nightlife and tales of partying, and of course, her timeless style.

Her beauty routine on the other hand rarely comes up. Which is crazy when you consider that this woman has had years of access to the best hairstylists, make-up artists (one of her closest friends is long-time make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury) and skin specialists on the planet.

Until now. Speaking to Jane Larkworthy from W Magazine, Moss shared some coveted beauty secrets and skincare tips.

Here are the top ten things that we picked up.


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#1 Juice cleansing works
“I juice. At least three times a year, for a week, I do a juice cleanse. I like it. I feel amazing. And then I have so much energy! Everyone else is like, ‘Please…shhhh…’ Oh my god, I have so much energy start bouncing off walls!”

#2 Her make-up artist told her to stay out of the sun…
“Charlotte Tilbury told me not to go out in the sun, but it’s because she’s a redhead, so she knows. I kind of ignored her, but now I’m taking no risks!”

#3 …But she take it as complete gospel
“Not completely out of the sun, but I don’t sunbathe anymore. Before it was like, ‘Lets just get as brown as we can!’ Now, well, I’d look ridiculous anyway.”

#4 Her sun care regime has some inconsistencies
“[I wear SPF] Fifty. On my face. And like a 4 on my legs. I’m kidding! Oil everywhere else! [Laughs] I’m kidding.”

#5 Remember to remove make-up gently
“I remember taking my makeup off at a Saint Laurent shoot and I was dragging it across my eye. The makeup artist was like, ‘Don’t do that to your skin! Don’t pull it like that!’ And I’m like, ‘Really?’”

#6 Her daughter Lila Grace is a total beauty pro
“Oh, she knows more than me now! She’s into natural, organic. Now, she’s into mascara and beauty blogs and stuff.”

#7 Old beauty tricks still do the trick
“Those old school tricks work! With slices of cucumber and you just put your face in it and you definitely wake up. [I do it] when I’m at work and it’s an early morning and you’re still asleep, really, then I do it. It’s so good. It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface.”

#8 Lip Balm is always in her purse…
Kerastase is her favourite hair product and almonds are her favourite snack.

#9 Gogglebox is her guilty pleasure and the last movie she saw was The Danish Girl
“He was amazing. Did you see it? Oh my god, you would never think, ‘Eddie Redmayne? As a girl?’ He’s so good and he’s so shy and so feminine. The whole thing of him coming out and the pain of not being able to stop himself. Oh, it’s so good. I also loved Listen to me, Marlon. That was a great documentary. I watched it twice. It was so well done. It was like he was talking from the dead.”

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