Kate Hudson, 40, and her brother Oliver Hudson, 43, are getting into podcast producing. The famous siblings launched their new podcast, Sibling Revelry, on Monday, an audio series aiming to “inspire people to understand their differences with their siblings and family and always move towards more closeness and connection because that’s what we need more of in the world,” wrote Kate on an Instagram post.

The episodes are bookended by a classic rock n’ roll riff, one synonymous with Kate’s Almost Famous character, the iconic and disarming Band Aid leader Penny Lane. What’s in between, however, is 38 minutes of, well, not that much. Memories of how their “patchwork” family came to be – “it’s crocheted,” Oliver corrects Kate – are playfully interwoven into the funny memories and banter between brother and sister. “[When you were born], you took attention away from me at a time I needed it because there was no stability in the home,” admits Oliver who was referring to a time when their parents, Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, split up. “So then you hated me. And you would take oranges and catapult them into my crib.”

“We had a childhood that I think a lot of people would look at and think it was the best childhood” says Kate. “And in retrospect, I look back and think we had a wonderful upbringing. But like any other family dynamic, at some point you have to accept the fact that yes on the outside everything looks great but there’s always going to be something. Someone is always going to f**k someone up. Mother Teresa and Gandhi could be your parents and their still going to f**k you up.”

“Imagine being the daughter of Mother Theresa,” interjects Oliver. “It’d be like, ‘Listen Mom, you’re out healing the world, but what about me!’”

Yes, while the first episode doesn’t really do or say much – and seems a set-up for what is to come, listening to Kate’s laugh is like listening to Andie Anderson laugh her way through her love fern purchase or quest for diet soda at a Knicks game.

Some of the guests that will be featuring on upcoming episodes of the show include jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler and Zooey Deschanel. Tip: Have this one on in the background in the car or while cooking.

Listen to Sibling Revelry here.

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Dear @theoliverhudson, Today marks the day we announce our podcast show which I hope and dream will also lead to more fun adventures for us. I just want to say that these months have been some of the most special moments of my career (with the exception of every movie I’ve ever done). I have a good feeling about our little idea and I feel that people will really have fun listening and find it relatable. My big hope is that we can inspire people to understand their differences with their siblings and family and always move towards more closeness and connection because that’s what we need more in this world. Can’t wait to keep learning and laughing with you. I love you because you’re my brother, of course, but I also love you because you’re just one hell of a guy. It is important, however, to let it be publicly known that I am not responsible for you, the things you say, the way you see the world and your uncontrolled volatile flatulence and the casting up of wind from your stomach to your mouth. Glad I got this off my chest. Now…LETS DO THIS BROTHER! Love you, Sis (FOLLOW @siblingrevelry for behind the scene look at our show) 🎧 (You can subscribe on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts for free! STARTING TOMORROW!) 🎧 #SUBSCRIBE #SiblingRevelry LAUNCHING FIRST THING TOMORROW ❤️❤️❤️ TRAILER AVAILABLE TO LISTEN NOW 👂

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