What did Karolina Kurkova do before taking the runway on Wednesday night’s David Jones Spring / Summer show? “I went to the gym, did my mask and got ready,” Kurkova told us backstage.

For the supermodel and mother, masking it’s just part of her beauty routine, it’s a must. “I’m very practical. I don’t always have the time or luxury to do facials and take care of myself, so it’s like, OK, how can I do that at home? With masks,” she muses. And much like her holistic philosophy on food, she favours the homemade variety to anything store-bought, particularly when on the road: “There’s so many great masks you can do at home.”

“When I’m travelling or moving around, oatmeal and honey is a great mask.” The model simply takes the remainder of her morning oats (canny, too) and blends with a spoonful of honey. “It’s great for hydration and gives you a nice glow,” she adds. And the homemade masks don’t stop at breakfast. “When an avocado is going bad I’ll put that on my skin, it’s such a nice, natural mask. You can even put it on your face while you eat your avocado!”

“I’m not perfect. I’m original.”

But she’s not completely averse to the packaged stuff – as long as it’s natural. “I use the May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud Mask; it’s an all natural, honey mask that I really like and it smells delicious.” Plus, she’s started experimenting with sheet masks. “I’m also really getting into sheet masks right now. I’m trying a lot of different sheet masks or eye patches that you can do on-the-go.” A mother of two boys (Noah and Tobin), practicality and ease are tantamount when it comes to beauty. “Sheet masks are good because they’re convenient,” she adds.

“If you’re on the plane or know you’re going be in a taxi for 20 minutes, you can do one. Even while you’re getting dressed in the morning – to make you feel that little bit extra and better and fresh.”

For the working mum, masking is the ultimate beauty ritual to remedy both stressed skin and a busy lifestyle. “I have two kids, so it’s practical. And I don’t really want to spend hours doing that. Sometimes, it’s nice. But I want to spend quality time with my family, and then also have to do all the other things like grocery shopping, cooking, school runs, so you have to be kind of practical and more realistic, which I think a lot of women deal with.”

A surprisingly agile beauty routine for the former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and an attainable one; Kurkova is testament to the fact you don’t need the most expensive or lavish products to indulge in some skin pampering, just a little avo on the side of your smash and toast. Turns out breakfast is just as good served on your skin.

Fresh-faced and makeup-free