Karla Spectic is no stranger to sustainable fashion. An avid lover of natural fibres and making old-into-new, she brought this concept to life in a wearable collection for MBFWA 2018. Set against the iconic Bondi Beach, Spectic infused lifestyle beach-wear and sustainability, creating a classic and timeless range that had the whole audience captivated.

All white cotton jumpsuit showcased at Karla Spetic
Credit: Image Net

Fashion director Aileen Marr described the show to GRAZIA saying, “I think the collection is a reach out to sustainability the bubble wrap was a good way, and fashionable, way of recycling.” She continued by talking about the designers determination to help the fashion industry to incorporate more eco-friendly wares.

“Theres always an underlying sustainable tone to her collections”

Linen jumpsuits and cotton co-ordinates were abundant on the runway – catching our eye for their gorgeous silhouettes and embodiment of the designers’ environmentally-focused values.

The statement-making bubble wrap coat, layered over linen co-ordinates
Credit: Image Net

The Croatian designer delivered a buzz worthy collection from both her designs and brand message, but the piece that had everyone talking was an eclectic bubble wrap coat, derived of discarded plastic and a statement to the damage we are having on our oceans – hence the beach front backdrop.

The Australian based designer voiced her continuing support for dressing sustainably and utilising the opportunities we have to recycle plastics into wearable, chic pieces. Spectic definitely drove this philosophy home with her eco-centric show.

Matching red with mixed prints by Karla Spectic 
Credit: Image Net